Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Update

Ellensburg, Washington – November 3, 2015

The vision of this association states our highest aspirations at the time of creation. This vision statement was modified in the year 2000. It was decided during the 2010 Strategic Plan Update that it was still representative of our vision today and was only grammatically modified. During the 2015 Strategic Plan update we modified our vision statement.

Our vision for Evergreen Rural Water of Washington is:

“To be the recognized leader in assisting Water & Wastewater Professionals to enhance the quality of life in Washington State.”

The mission of this association states the way in which we will strive to attain our vision. This mission statement was modified in the year 2000. It was decided during the 2010 Strategic Plan Update that it was still representative of our mission today and was not modified. During the 2015 Strategic Plan update we modified our mission statement.

The mission of Evergreen Rural Water of Washington is:

“To provide the best technical assistance, training and advocacy for Washington State Water & Wastewater Utilities.”

We will pursue our mission by accomplishing the goals set forth here. In pursuit of our mission, we shall amplify our strengths and seek to eliminate our weaknesses. Some, although not necessarily all, strategies to attain our goals are listed after each goal. Goals are not ordered in any preference or degree of importance. No ranking should be inferred from the listed order.


Expand and Enhance Membership
A. Promote Membership benefits at all field visits and training sessions.
B. Provide an Internally funded employee focused on outreach to members.
C. Create a Member incentive referral program.
D. Engage board members to promote membership benefits in their region to non members.
E. Provide loyalty recognition to our members.
F. Board to follow up within a week on membership non renewals within their region.
G. Set an annual membership growth target.
Create a Broader Financial Base
A. Increase the net income / assets
1. Develop and enhance fee-based field activities.
a. Investing in equipment.
b. Investing in personnel.
c. Investigate financially viable professional services for members.
2. Develop and enhance fee based training activities.
a. Online training classes.
b. Expand hands on training.
c. Operator’s Summit.
3. NRWA Affinity Programs.

Facility Improvements
A. New reader board by the road.
B. Enclose offices and training room.
C. Establish a facility maintenance reserve.
D. Establish a Capital Improvement Plan.

Strengthening Board Functions
A. Annually review Strategic Plan at the 3rd Quarter Board Meeting.
B. Develop a new board member training plan with Executive Director and Board President.
1. Continue NRWA required board training.
C. Promote board continuity.
D. Develop a long range financial plan.

Strengthening Team
A. Promote continuity of quality and experienced team.
1. Explore specialized training opportunities.
2. Continue to provide a competitive benefit package.
B. Explore internally funded self-sufficient programs.
C. Complete NIMS training.

Increase Visibility through Marketing, Communication and Public Relations
A. Promote “Quality on Tap”.
B. Improve relationships with regulatory agencies.
C. Recognize membership loyalty.
D. Market NRWA Affinity Programs.
E. Promote the water and wastewater industry as a profession.
F. Send press releases for our awards.
G. Posting regularly on social media.
H. Explore partnerships and training opportunities with other organizations.
1. Internships.
2. Strengthen partnership with WARN.

State and National Legislative
A. Create legislative presence.
1. Attend town hall meetings.
B. Keep members informed on current legislative and judicial actions.

This revised long-range plan shall constitute our guiding document until and unless modified by the Evergreen Rural Water of Washington Board of Directors at a regularly scheduled or specially called meeting. Previous long-range planning documents are hereby rescinded.

Attest this 3rd day of November 2015.

Evergreen Rural Water of Washington
Strategic Plan Update

Evergreen Rural Water of Washington (ERWoW) completed its initial long-range plan in 1994, and revisited and updated the plan in 1997, in 2000, in 2004 and again in 2010. Since that time many changes have occurred that warrant a revisit and review of that plan. The following revisions resulted from the Review and Rewrite Long-Range Planning Session conducted in Ellensburg, Washington on November 3, 2015.

The planning committee consisted of:

Board Members: Don Zuern, Shawn Davisson, Lance Hoyt, Paul Hartwig, Paul Kamin and Kelly Williquette. Board Members Ross Read and Mike Ireland were not present.

ERWoW Staff: Charlie Brown, Kari Fenton, Tracey Hunter, Bob Kreb, Doug Miller, Katrina Nellenbach, Mike Pendergraft, Chad Short, Loren Steveson, and Derek Zock.

ERWoW Contact Info

Mailing Address: Po Box 2300 Shelton, WA 98584
Physical Address: 11840 North US Highway 101 Shelton, WA 98584
Phone (360) 462.9287