Health Insurance

Evergreen Rural Water has partnered with CleanTech Alliance Health Trust. This new partnership with CleanTech Alliance will open up new benefits to ERWoW members, the biggest one being group health insurance. We are very excited about this new benefit because many of our members are small businesses, like we are, and health insurance costs can take a big portion out of an operating budget and some small companies can’t afford to offer health insurance to their employees.

The CleanTech Alliance Health Trust provides employee benefits to companies that develop products and services in the energy, environmental and sustainability industries. Their goal is to provide plan offerings as diverse as our customers and their different industry sectors. We believe that administrating employee health benefits should be easy, convenient and accessible so our members can focus on changing the world.

Premera is the contracted medical carrier for the CleanTech Alliance Health Trust to provide comprehensive medical insurance to prospective employers in the Pacific Northwest. Benefit plans go where your team goes — across the country and around the world — so your employees can feel confident knowing they have one of the largest provider networks in the world at their service.

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