Evergreen Rural Water of Washington (ERWoW) will be giving a $1000 Scholarship Award to student in pursuit of higher education each academic year! Dependent children and stepchildren of ERWoW Members are eligible to be considered. Scholarship awards are not limited only to first year college students. Please make sure all interested parties are aware of this opportunity.

Applications to be considered MUST be submitted or postmarked by the first of February each year. 

Scholarship Details & Requirements:
Scholarship assistance will be paid in two installments. $500 for the Fall Semester/Quarter and $500 for the Spring Semester/Quarter.

All awards will be issued directly to the applicant and not to the college, university or institution of higher learning.
Recipients of Scholarships will be required to provide ERWoW with proof of full-time enrollment each semester for which the scholarship is awarded at an accredited institution of higher learning. Payment will be made immediately upon proof of enrollment. Scholarship recipients must submit proof of enrollment for the Fall Semester/Quarter no later than October 1 and proof of enrollment for the Spring Semester/Quarter no later than March 1.

Eligibility for Scholarships is limited to dependent children or stepchildren of ERWoW Members. Dependent children or stepchildren of ERWoW Board and Staff are not eligible.

In order to be eligible for a Scholarship, applicants must complete the application form in its entirety by completing all blanks and signing the certification statement. To get an application contact Tracey at the ERWoW office (360) 462-9287 or download online below. Scholarship awards will be announced at the Spring Quarter Board of Directors Meeting each year.